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Arundo Identity

"In chemistry the cellulose bonds are hexagon shaped. The new symbol shapes the letter “A” which fits onto a hexagonal grid, the same grid that cellulose bindings form in chemistry..."

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Arundo donax is an energy crop of which a large quantity of lignocellulose can be extracted under laboratory conditions. This plant material represent an important renewable energy alternative to transportation fossil fuels and is known for other numerous uses. It's highly tolerant against temporary or prolonged aridity and basically it can grow anywhere in large quantities. It is interesting that the deep root system is a remarkable biomass store and it is the place of cellulose formation too, so it remains productive for many years.

"According to experiences gained so far, the lifecycle of the plant is over 20 years. Without irrigation, one hectare can produce some 20-40 tons of dry matter (based on data from North Italy)." - from

I designed a new identity for a company that grows Arundo cane ecotypes under laboratory conditions and trades with it. I approached the design in two different ways to tell something about this eco-friendly collaboration.

Published: March 21, 2016


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