Minimal Books

I designed eight new book covers for publisher Europa as a school project in 2012. These books are parts of a series of Graham Greene.

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My initial concept was to create a very expressive illustration for each book, so the reader can get a suggestive impression of the message at glance, even before actually reading the book. This is how I came to the idea to use only basic shapes, especially circles what I've applied. It was exciting to realize how vast are the possibilities of dots.

Stamboul Train / Az isztambuli vonat (1932)
Brighton Rock / Brightoni Szikla (1938)
The Quiet American / A csendes amerikai (1955)
Our Man in Havana / Havannai emberünk (1958)
A Burnt-Out Case / Gyógyulás (1960)
The Comedians / Szerepjátszók (1965)
The Human Factor / Az emberi tényező (1978)
Monsignor Quixote / Monsignor Quijote (1982)

Published: April 13, 2016


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