Travel Planning App

This Travel Planning Application is designed to take an unusal way to inspire traveling. The target groups consist of people who like to experiment and are happy to spend their free time on planning their trips.

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The application begins with an inspirational process where the user has to answer six polar questions. With the help of a slider it's very easy to precisely express the idea. While the user answers the six questions the system notes the user's needs, then the offers will be given based on these well-thought-out steps. Due to the minimalistic functions it's very quick and easy to react throughout the whole process, so the interface allows the user to search for accommodation in a way that is different from the usual.

Playfulness and uniqueness were the two keys when I designed the interface. This concept runs through the whole application because the game doesn't end here. We have to consider only three destinations at a time to chose from which helps to make swift decisions and increases the feeling of success. Meanwhile, the system continuously collects details of the user's intention which reduces the difficulty of finding the best destination.

I figured out this concept at Zwoelf Design, while we were working for a french travel site.

Published: May 19, 2016


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